Use these 6steps and start your business photography the right way!

So, you are planning on starting your own photography business? That is great! As you probably know this is the easiest project in the world, but if you work hard enough and you are completely dedicated to your goals, there is no reason why your new business would not be successful.

  • 1. Set Business Goals

    The first thing you need to do when building your photography business is to set your business goals. By setting your goals you will set a clear path to your final destination. The business goals can be general or they can be more specific. It is your choice. However, it is important to have different business goals, you should have client goals, you should set revenue and schedule expectations, you should determine the average photographer salary, and etc.

    2.Create a Photography Business Plan – The next step is creating your photography business plan. The plan will help you to achieve your goals. Your business plan should be your guide through the whole process of building your business. The business plan should include a business summary, market analysis, marketing strategy and planning, financials, and selling strategy.

  • 3. Develop a Branding Strategy

    Planning and analyzing how you are going to position your business photography and your brand is very important. Having clarity and some ideas around your brand up front will help you guide your pricing structure, as well as, your marketing strategy. Here are some key elements of branding you need to keep in mind: what services you offer, who your customers are, and how you are different?

    4.Register and License Your Business – Once you’ve developed your branding strategy it is time to register your new business. You need to register a business name, you need to set up banking accounts, business licenses, insurance, and basic record keeping, and use contracts from the start.

  • 5. Create a Portfolio

    It is nearly impossible to get customers if you don’t have sample photos available. This is the point where a portfolio comes in. You need to create an online portfolio for your sample photos. Creating a portfolio can be a challenging task, but you need to remember that a portfolio is extremely important when you are starting a new business. Don’t be afraid to be creative until you develop your own style. You can do a few sessions for free so you can create the exact style and scene you want to present in your portfolio for all your future customers to see.

    6. Build a Client List – Client building is attracting clients who can buy you products or hire your services. So, you need to build a client list and you need to do it soon. The key to a successful client building is building slow and steady, one client at a time. You need to treat your clients with respect and kindness, regardless of how much this client spends. The mission is every client of yours to become a promoter of your brand.

    Now it is time to take an action! By following these steps you will be able to build a successful photography business! Checkout some stock photos to get inspired! Prepare yourself and be ready to accomplish your dreams! Good luck!